Anybody Can Be Rich In Poverty Analysis

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Anybody can be rich in poverty, money isn’t needed to be rich. A person might be rich in poverty if he has his family, a life fulfilled with happiness that does not require material things and also the people with less give the most. Wealth is not measured in the amount of material things but in the quality of the life one lives. Anybody can still live a life without the need of money. Poverty doesn’t determine what kind of life we will have. For example, money isn’t needed to have a family. A family is priceless and will always be there when things get tough. Money is an object that is blown out of proportion. Money is used to buy material things such as necessities. Anybody can live without material items. Nobody needs money to have a family. …show more content…
People with poor economical status are known to be more generous because they understand the struggle and know how hard it gets. Experiments were constructed to tell why lower-class individuals gave more. Anybody in the world can be considered rich in the fact that somebody else is sharing with them. People who don 't have anything at all, are not picky with what they receive. In life people who do not have anything to their name, will appreciate anything given to them such as pennies, hugs, or food. Receiving random acts of kindness is the best feeling in the world that comes for free. Things like that can really make a difference in any body 's life. People with a lower-economic status are prone to give more because “the feelings of sensitivity and care for the welfare of other people”(NPR). The quote “people can be rich in poverty” pertains to our story in a way that, Della and Jim are both very poor but they still try to give a gift for each other. No matter what the conditions are, their are people in this world who give more to others than they receive. People can have the feeling of being “rich” as long as they are happy with something. People can be “rich in poverty” by giving all they have left to somebody who deserves it. The people who have nothing else to lose are the type of people who have less than other people but give more to others. In the story Della cuts off her precious hair to afford a gift for her loved one. Della didn’t bother to put herself before other people. That is the richest feeling you can ever get, sharing. People who first hand witnessed poverty, will know how others are feeling and in most case show more sympathy. People who have never witnessed a struggle or money will not understand how the other people in the world are feeling. Whenever the world has a natural disaster, many people come together to help the

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