The Importance Of Being Passionate And Meticulous

One of the proudest accomplishments of my life was earning a college degree in veterinary technology, despite all the barriers that tried to hinder me from pursuing my goals. Growing up to a single unemployed mother of four, my mother struggled to provide my family with a top quality lifestyle. Because of my family’s rough upbringing, as a child, my mother instilled in me the value of hard work and dedication. Also from witnessing hardship in my community, I learned the importance of being passionate and meticulous in my education to prevent a recycling lifestyle from occurring. Another skill my mother instilled in me was the need to constantly stay involved in my education as well as stay busy volunteering in your community. By following my mother’s guidance, I was able to thrive in an unfortunate environment that provided challenges and obstacles and also required quick thinking. Because of this experience I know I am able to prosper in any environment. The influence of my family and my surroundings has caused me to develop a strong perseverance and sense of determination. The characteristics I have developed through my life experience has prepared me in multiple aspects to pursue my career goals in becoming a veterinary technician and specializing in epidemiology. As a person, I am very fervid and show an ample amount of diligence to my work, but I can also can cope with a fast-paced environment and problematic situations, which is very keen to veterinary practice. For

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