The Importance Of Being Obese And Overweight Amongst Essay

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In Ontario, obesity is a concern especially amongst adolescences which goes under diagnosed or ignored. This report will highlight the findings of various studies and the importance of being obese/overweight amongst adolescences in Ontario. This report will introduce the topics of theoretical underpinnings (interpretivism, positivism, and critical realism), research objectives, employed methodologies (quantitative and qualitative) and strength/limitations throughout studies. Interpretivism acquires to understand the meaning/conditions and does not focus to measure the prevalence of a condition, while positivism focuses on the truth that is created based on observation/measurement and generalization of cause and effect relationship (Bassil & Zabkiewicz, 2014). Critical Realism, is more dependent on theorizing about truth and knowledge; theoretical analysis. The studies that have been acquired follow either a quantitative or qualitative approach. Quantitative approach, is when the method focuses on numerical data and statistical analysis, which is used for concerns to measure and testing the hypothesis (Bassil & Zabkiewicz, 2014). Qualitative approach is used more towards open ended research question that takes into consideration, ethnography (cultural aspect) and participant observations (Bassil & Zabkiewicz, 2014).
In this qualitative study, a meta-analysis approach was adhered to examine the results of overweight and obese adolescents from the…

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