The Importance Of Being Healthy Is Keeping Your Body Essay

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Health can mean many things to many different people. My definition of being healthy is keeping your body in the best shape you possibly can. A few things that I think are important when it comes to being healthy are; eating the right foods, being physically active, and being hygienic and proactive. I do not always eat the healthiest of foods, but I do limit the unhealthier foods. I also bicycle down my road whenever I can, as well as walking in the Tennessee parks with my friends. Physical activity comes in many shapes and forms, and I choose to participate in activities that allow me to sightsee while I do them. When I walk with my friends, we usually go to a park with a waterfall. With the goal of getting to the waterfall in mind, it makes the journey more rewarding in the end. I tried a treadmill once but I prefer walking down my small country road or hiking. My friends do tend to influence my physical activity a lot because they are the ones that invite me to participate. I have a couple of friends that are rather healthy and they love hiking too, so it is a perfect way to spend time with friends as well as exercise a bit. As far as eating goes, I do try to make healthy decisions when I look for something to snack on. I like an array of fruits, but when it comes to vegetables, it is a little more difficult for me. I like salads, however, so I try to pick a salad over something greasy that I know will upset my stomach when I go out to eat. At home, my mother fixes…

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