Essay on The Importance Of Being Healthy And Socially Defined?

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To What Extent Is ‘Being Healthy’ Socially Defined?
The definition of the term ‘being healthy’ is different for some and different for others which makes the concept of health controversial. One might define being healthy simply if you are happy and do not suffer from anything that could kill you. Of course, it is wrong because they are many different factors that should be incorporated in the definition. The World Health Organization has done so and has not changed their interpretation of what health means to them since 1948, which then they believe no altercation should be done (REFERENCE). They consider health to be, “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” (REFERENCE). They incorporate all factors and do not simply focus on one aspect. If their definition is indeed the right one, is not anyone to some extent all unhealthy? Not everyone can be physically, socially and mentally stable. So going back to the question at hand, being healthy is to some big extent socially defined but the definition itself is unclear, even though The World Health Organization has defined it for us. Society plays a big role in how we view health. If you have a disability or if you are handicapped, to them, you are considered to be not healthy (REFERENCE). With mental health and disability, society makes you either disabled or mentally ill. Furthermore, the definition for health may vary from one culture to another as they may…

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