The Importance Of Being Grittier

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While researching texts written about how can a person learn to be “grittier”. I found a few authors who publish articles and a book about how you can become being “gritty”. Gritty people tend to stick to their goals regardless of failures. According, to Amy Chu, Malcolm Gladwell, and David Yeager people can be “gritty” by strictness, threats, practicing and reaching their goal. These authors explained how a person learn to be “gritty”.
Lulu learned how to be “gritty” by her mother threatening and being strict until she plays the piano perfectly. In the article “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” by Amy Chua. The Chinese mother forces her daughter Lulu to play the piano it was difficult for her to play. Lulu was impatience because she couldn’t
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According to Gladwell successful people such as Bill Joy and The Beatles had at least 10,000 hours of experience before they made it. Bill Joy attended the university of Michigan and got a job with the computer science professor. In 1970’s computers were rare, they were the size of the rooms and really expensive. Therefore, the computer program was tedious and the programming opportunities were limited. Additionally, Joy found a way to log free hours in the lab. From then on, he couldn’t stop practicing Joy stated “I’d stay up until two or three o’clock in the morning, programming. Sometimes I’d fall asleep at the keyboard”- he mimed his head falling on the keyboard- “and you know how the key repeats until the end, and it starts to go beep, beep?” (46). This quote shows that joy kept on practicing, practicing and he was hooked on the programming because he would even fall asleep on the keyboard. Gladwell also mentioned the Beatles, the Beatles started playing in 1957, 7 years previous landings in America. They found the success in America 1964, their opportunity to practice was when they were invited to play in Hamburg. The Beatles spent seven days a week playing for 8 hours or more a day. John Lennon stated “We got better and got more confidence. We couldn’t help it with all the experience playing all night long. It was handy them being …show more content…
After countless tedious tasks upon developing grit, you also acquire self-regulation. With self-regulation and a self-transcendent purpose for learning students can overcome harmful psychological barriers and anxieties. For instance, in the article as stated in study 1 of Boring but Important: A Self-Transcendent Purpose of Learning Fosters Academic Self-Regulation David Yeager said, “those who expressed more of a self-transcendent purpose for learning as they were leaving high school also viewed tedious academic activities as more personally meaningful and both reported and behaviorally display greater academic self-regulation” (566). This quote shows that when students do tedious task they develop self-regulation which helps students to become “grittier”. Another example that shows self- transcendence is when they ask students to rate on a five- point skill, to see the motive if they were going to college. Yeager stated, I want to learn things that will me make a positive impact on the world” (562). This quote shows that students want to go to college so they could make personal progress on what they want to achieve. Students also overcome any challenge by setting the goal and doing it so that makes them become

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