The Importance Of Being Embarrassed Or Humiliated Essay examples

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Being embarrassed or humiliated in the moment while it is happening is seriously so deeming and is such a hit on your self esteem and body image that you feel in that exact moment that you will never recover. Although usually if not a couple minutes but a couple hours later you have completely forgotten about it and realize how trivial it was for you to be so hurt by something so inconsequential. Recently I have made a lot of decisions about my future some of them are very important and others five years from now really won 't matter and its just silly for me to worry about them.

Over the course of my life I have upset and disappointed my father countless times so many times in fact I really cannot remember all the times and moments my dad has yelled at me. Their a few that stand out starting probably when I was ten years old on the baseball field. The setting was mothers day probably like '05 and I was in a really bad hitting slump and just could not get a hit to save my life. So after striking out on my first at bat of a double header my dad yelled at me "what are you doing! are you even try?! I 'm not going to sit hear and just watch you stink up the joint." Now mind you this was in front of everybody on my team my coaches and all the parents in the stands so I was pretty embarrassed but I was also pissed of and frustrated because I was trying my best and it just wasn 't working. So I simply said "I 'm trying okay, leave me alone" as I walked from the dugout onto the…

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