The Importance Of Being Earnest Women Analysis

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Mnay plays and stories can be read in many different ways and it all depnds on how the reader views the plot and what is happeing. "The Importance of Being Earnest" is a play written by Oscar Wilde. The play is greatly influenced by the fact that the Victorian society, in that era of the time greatly valued men more than women. Almost the entire play is focused around the social roles and how men and women interact with one another, rather it is appropriate or not. Oscar Wilde presents the women in the play in a unique way, making them powerless in their era but strong in their infleunce. In The Importance of Being Earnest, Oscar Wilde often switches the roles of the males and females. He makes the women strong and opinionated ,something …show more content…
Lady Bracknell quickly tells her daughter that they are not going to get married and to go sit in the carriage. We see Lady Bracknell treating everyone else in the play so far as little kids, like they are not smart and do not hold and importance.This also makes it clear that she is showing her power and superiority over them. When Lady Bracknell does not consent of Gwedolen and Jacks marriage we see a little bit of the customs of society in the Victorian era push through.. Women usually had to have consent from their parents, or mostly their father, during this time period and often didn’t choose who they got to marry. Parents would make the choice and it often had something to do with gaining money or status, somewhat of an exchange and it did not matter what the young man or woman thougt of one another. Later in this act we can see more examples of lady Bracknell’s power and dominance. Once Gwednolen has gone off to the carriage Lady Bracknell say’s “You can take a seat, Mr. Worthing. [looks in her pocket for her notebook and pencil]” (pg 308) From this we see Lady Bracknell try to control even the smallest ofthings going on. The reader can clearly see that she is used to getting her way, in every situation and it’s most likely her way or no way at

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