The Importance Of Being Earnest Escape Analysis

Register to read the introduction… In the first part of the play, readers learn that Jack is placed in a complex situation: “When one is placed in the position of guardian, one has to adopt a very high moral tone on all subjects… a high moral tone can hardly be said to conduce very much to either one's health or one’s happiness, in order to get up to town I have always pretended to have a younger brother of the name of Ernest, who lives in the Albany, and gets into the most dreadful scrapes” (Act I). Jack escapes from his country and changes his identity to Earnest to perform the things that he wants to experience. For Jack, being a guardian and a landowner is a great obligation for his ward and people. Through his alter-ego, Jack obtains freedom because he becomes the opposite of his real self—the liberated and careless individual that he could not demonstrate in reality. Aside from Jack, Gwendolyn also escapes from her real world, through her …show more content…
When she talks to Algernon, whom she knows as Earnest Worthing, Cecily excitedly revealed: “You see, it [her diary] is simply a very young girl's record of her own thoughts and impressions, and consequently meant for publication. When it appears in volume form I hope you will order a copy. But pray, Ernest, don’t stop. I delight in taking down from dictation. I have reached 'absolute perfection'. You can go on. I am quite ready for more” (Act I). If Gwendolyn uses her imaginations, Cecily is using her diary as her gateway to fantasy. She illustrates her engagement with Earnest in her diary. It means that beyond the boundaries of reality and existence, Cecily found her Earnest, which she claims in her diary. Therefore, Cecily escape from reality and obtainment of her fantasy is part of her comfort zone. It makes her happy, complete, and

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