The Importance Of Being Earnest By Oscar Wilde Essay

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Oscar Wilde’s masterpiece “the Importance of being earnest” is written in the time of Victorian era. This play is so entertaining and have such engaging characters that have some deeper meanings and ideas to worth write about. This play is comedic satire which means that it is written to draw attention to certain problems writer sees in society. The writer mocks late Victorian high society and its social customs. It contains great humorous situations and thoroughly clever from beginning to end.
In the importance of being earnest, Wilde creates colorful characters, they are unmistakable members of the wealthy class. They have money and time on their hands and they are also powerful. It is comedic play, it tells the story of Jack Worthing who is the central protagonist in this play. He’s in love with Gwendolen. He does have a name but has no parents, he’s an abandoned child. As said in the play when Jack Worthing allows himself to be interviewed by Lady Bracknell “Yes, Lady Bracknell. I was in a founding - a somewhat large, black leather hand-bag, with handles to it - an ordinary hand-bag in fact.” It shows that he was the founding. Furthermore, He is a man without a required family pedigree to give him an unquestioned place within his social group. He has money that is enough to get him in the door of upper class society but he also wants to marry into the same class and that isn’t so easy yet he is still able to approach his life with some confidence.
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