The Role Of Blacks In Society

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History has shown us that blacks in society are not equal to white people in this society. We are obviously not as intelligent, not as sophisticated, and not as wealthy as them; that’s what people want us to think about ourselves based on our harsh and cruel past during the times of slavery to the present times. Depending on who individuals ask and the era blacks are born in, one can conclude that being black is a handicap. In the black community we are taught that we are just as smart, elegant and rich as the next white person that walks through our door.
The Ann Arbor decision brings me back the times where the languages barriers between black are white was at its highest degree of difficulty and misunderstandings. Before one analyzes how the language barriers in schools or in society differ and hinder the ability for a black child to gain proper education you must look at the past. By definition handicapped is defined as a restriction to one’s ability to function physically, mental, and socially. I feel as through being black during the times of slavery; black people were handicapped.
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The African-American English is no different than Standard English, it is just a more simply language that most black understand and communicate with. I remember reading something online where an experiment was conducted using pictures of Sesame Street characters to test children 's comprehension of the "habitual be" construction. She showed the kids a picture in which Cookie Monster is sick in bed with no cookies while Elmo stands nearby eating cookies. When she asked, "Who be eating cookies?" white kids tended to point to Elmo while black kids chose Cookie Monster. But When I asked, “Who is eating cookies?” The black kids understood that it was Elmo and that it was not the same. This just shows people that black people are much more intelligent than we are given credit

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