The Importance Of Being A Writer

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To start off with I have grown immensely as a writer this year. When I started this course at the beginning of the year I had little to no writing experience. I have learned various literary skills and I’m actually very good at literature because of my previous years in English, but my background in basic English and grammar was severely lacking. To say the least I was a very unbalanced writer. Through this English 101 course I have not only grown as a writer in a technical sense but content wise as well.
The first essay I wrote was a “remembered event essay”. I decided that I would just give it my best shot and see what happened. Well, when I received my graded paper, it definitely was not what I was expecting. It had what seemed to be a million negative comments on it. (I actually had about sixty.) The comments ranged from having incorrect sentence structures to basic grammatical errors such as misplaced commas or needing to insert semicolons and such. Now that I knew what my essay was worth, I knew that I definitely needed to
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When I started the year out I made one of my top priorities for this class to be a better writer. I knew I needed to improve a ton, and so I’ve worked extremely hard in order to accomplish that goal. I asked teachers and other adults for any tips or advice they could possibly give me. I looked online for help with my grammar and sentence complexity, and then the good old fashioned dictionary and thesaurus for basic spelling and improving my vocabulary. So far I have worked very hard in this class and put forth a lot of effort. Through this I have became a stronger writer and have actually learned to not hate the entire process. I am extremely grateful for this class because it has been a wonderful learning experience. It’s not only taught me about English, but has given me a taste of what a true college class will be

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