Reflective Essay: Overcoming My Mistakes In My Writing

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Over the course of this semester, there have been numerous opportunities for me to grow as a student and as a writer. Before, I had this belief that I was a “pretty good” writer. That was before I signed up for an English course, which is taught by a professor who has a sharp eye for detail and hails from an old-school way of doing things. I quickly realized that I had an over-inflated view of my writing abilities. While I still feel capable of stringing together a sentence or two, I was completely unprepared for the number of mistakes I was making in my writing. However, as the class progressed I was taught new skills to help overcome the many errors my first assignments were riddled with.
I re-read the papers I had completed throughout the
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The next lesson I learned came on the heels of my second graded essay, “American Dating Rituals or Lack Thereof.” The paper was an illustration essay, and at the time I handed it in I felt a bit more confident regarding my newfound punctuation skills. Unfortunately, after I received the graded version, I discovered a whole new set of problems. The paper contained many pronoun and antecedent agreement errors. I feel that this particular lesson will be one of the most important, aside from proper punctuation, as I continue along in school, and when I venture out into the business world. There will be plenty of opportunities to put into practice this type of writing as I write reports for a company or business, or a school board, or maybe a principal of a …show more content…
Each author enters into the project at hand from different angles. Personally, my method of idea development for my paper involved a combination of brainstorming and asking questions and answering them, which I continue to find very effective for me. However, while working on the research project, I learned about note-taking. Now, I can see that this method is also very effective, and I plan to incorporate this strategy into future writing projects. Not only did this approach help me to keep the information I gathered organized, but it also allowed me to keep track of pertinent information as I discovered it in the research

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