The Importance Of Being A Wonderful Parent Essay

717 Words Jul 18th, 2016 3 Pages
An unknown author quoted,” It is so easy to believe someone when they are telling you exactly what you want to hear. But you have to watch what they do too. Actions speak louder than words- actions speaks the whole truth.” I relay back to this quote often, with life changing struggles. The bond that my family shares not only proved this quote is real but it is what some people should live their life by. As a result of growing up in a close family, I have learned the importance of being a wonderful parent, evolving myself throughout the community, and cherishing myself more. Growing up in a real close family were there was two parents involved was awesome. My mom was and still is in the National Guard, were she is serving her country proudly. I have not experienced much heartbreaks because I had the epitome of two parents. Family time was mandatory and my sisters and I will cherish, gracious memories to the end of times. Experience great family values majority of my life played a great role as the woman I became today. Although parenting can be quite challenging at time I find it rewarding also. My experiences come from past experiences. School work was a must in my house hold and for that reason I will make sure it is an essential for my kids to adapt. Nourishing my kids with simple ideas and firm support is ultimately the best reward I can ask for. Being able to show them the right and wrong way and drawing a solid line between becoming their friends’ vs being their…

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