The Importance Of Being A Teacher, My Workplace Integration Experience Gives Me A Personal Experience Of Anticipatory Socialization

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Pursuit of Pursuits
Job descriptions, explicitly or not, provide all their applicants with a list of qualities that they expect. Effectively, these are attempts to single out people who meet the standards for the job. Consequently, in the applicants’ perspectives, these qualities provide a set of guidelines and roles to live up to. Often, the workplace can provide a venue for anticipatory socialization: the process of “learning the norms and behaviors of the roles” which one aspires to [Brym and Lie 2012:67]. As a tutor, my workplace integration experience gives me a personal experience of anticipatory socialization. Furthermore, symbolic interactionist analysis can classify this situation as evidence to support an alternative view of dramaturgical analysis and the self-fulfilling prophecy.
Firstly, this situation must lend itself to anticipatory socialization. As per the preceding definition of anticipatory socialization, there must be an aspiratory role along with adoptive norms and behaviors. Indeed, in my situation the aspiratory role of being a teacher is immediately apparent. Clearly, as it requires a student like myself to integrate into a new social structure, being a tutor is the anticipatory role. On the other hand, norms and behaviors necessary to integrate into this new role and social structure are also trivially apparent. Job listings and standards provide guidelines on how to socialize an applicant into accepting these norms. For example, employers require…

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