The Importance Of Being A Surgeon

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Register to read the introduction… As a surgeon one must complete at least three years of college before entering medical school (“Surgery”). In this medical program every student must complete at least four years of this program. Throughout this country there is a ton of schools offering six year medical programs. To be considered for one of these programs one must complete that (MCAT) test or the Medical College Admission Test (Buearu). Along with this test they also look at previous grades, extracurricular activities and teacher recommendations. As part of the training process one must undergo an internship at a hospital where they watch and learn from a experienced surgeon. After that one goes through three or more years of the medical program to finally become a surgeon (“Surgery”). Every single state requires a license and to receive this license one must obtain it from a credit medical school. To become a surgeon one must be willing to complete multiple years of school once graduated from college. One must be dedicated to this career path, it being a difficult …show more content…
As a surgeon coming straight out of medical school they will start off at the lowest level of a surgeon which is now as a residence. As a residence one will be under the wing of another staff surgeon. A resident will always be on call for emergencies and will perform as a staff surgeons surgical assistance (Field). After six years of a residency one will reach the next level as a surgeon by becoming a staff surgeon in the hospital they work at. A staff surgeon is responsible for treating patients, diagnosing them, and consulting and performing operations (“Surgery”). The Third and Final level for a surgeon is A Department head. A department head must have completed ten years of being a staff surgeon, They are required to make all of the decisions for the hospital, manage the budget, and perform surgery’s (“Surgery”). There are only three levels as a surgeon, but each stage has its own specific job that they must complete in order for the hospital to move

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