The Importance Of Being A Night Owl Essay

1606 Words Jan 8th, 2016 7 Pages
“Always kiss the devil at night, and he’ll remember you when it’s your time.”
I pondered this as I sat, clicking away at my keyboard at another unreasonable time at night. I preferred the fluid feel of paper, with the drift of my favorite pen, creating the letters that I had learned as a child. It was all more personal to me, knowing that I drew words there with desire, rather than just pressing a lifeless key. However, despite my tendency of being a night owl and having my creativity flow into my writing after the sun had set, I sat typing bullshit, feeding my document with the same old tales I had written before. The anxiety that coursed through my veins blocked any intelligent thoughts from passing from mind to computer, so I paused, staring at the blank space; the blinking cursor mocking my emptiness. Ever since she left, I had been blurred. When someone leaves you, you must ask yourself; how does someone just walk away? Three years of friendship ruined, and not one word to be spoken after. It was as if my whole existence had been brought down to only a tiny slice of an eraser, and I was soon to be brushed away by a hand the refused to need me anymore. But I knew as well as she that you can not just walk away, and I could see it, no matter how hard she masqueraded her ‘everything is alright’ look. She still sat next to me in class, staring straight ahead to avoid whatever confrontation she could. She masterly disguised her feelings behind a thin lipped smile and…

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