The Importance Of Being A Mental Health Care Manager Essay

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updating them on the aspects of their illness brings the social worker to address the families also dealing with the health outcome. Even if it is not long term, the short term results of making a difference far outweigh doing nothing.
While there are an overwhelming number of benefits, there are some difficult aspects of being a mental health care manager, such as getting providers to communicate with each other. For example, a client might have been prescribed medications from different providers, that could have side effects when taken together. Since these providers don’t communicate with each other, the patient is now suffering. One of the duties of a social worker includes getting providers to communicate with each other so the patient receives the best health care possible, such as through multidisciplinary teams. Multidisciplinary teams are comprised of health care and social welfare professionals that care for an individual independently, while communicating to better assist the patient (Dziegielewski, 2013). Elder Services of Merrimack Valley contract out several agencies that provide personal care workers. Some of these workers are not getting placed in the same receptive environment, yet getting paid the same amount. Another problem is that many of these care workers are only staying in the homes a short time, so the agencies are providing them with care workers that have limited experience and no specialization. The specific patient population Jennifer works…

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