The Importance Of Being A Medical Doctor

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A medical doctor examine, performs tests, diagnoses, and treats medical conditions. They are also qualified to prescribe medicine, perform minor or major surgeries (depending on their specialty). Medical doctors must be licensed by the state in which they practice, and may also require some other certifications depending on their specialty. Contrary to popular belief, being a doctor is not simply curing disease. A medical doctor’s job is as much to prevent as it is to treat. Because of this, general practice doctors frequently perform routine physicals and other examinations on otherwise healthy patients in order to ensure that they are, in fact, healthy. This is what people refer to as a check-up. It is in physicals such as these that doctors …show more content…
During this time, I receive tuition assistance. This pays tuition up to a certain point, provided that I remain enlisted through the duration of the courses taken, and provided that I pass with a C or better. I will be finishing my baccalaureate of science in health science in the next one and a half years, while I am still enlisted and receiving tuition assistance. When I have finished this degree, I will be beginning a masters in biology, partially online, from the Harvard extension school I will still be receiving tuition assistance for a decent portion of this degree. This will last through the last year of my enlistment, at which point I will be moving to Cambridge MA for the remainder of my masters. The money not immediately used from my Pell grants is being put into savings, and whatever I have left over will help me pay for this masters degree. At this point, I will begin dipping into my GI bill to pay tuition, and whatever grants I receive will help to pay living expenses. Once I have completed the masters, I will be attending whatever ends up being the best and most cost-effective medical school to which I am accepted. Hopefully, when I finish my medical degree, I will be able to complete an internship and residency at the hospital of my choice. When applying for my internship, my resume will already include five years active duty service, one deployment acting as the sole medical provider for over 50 patients, four and a half years practicing medicine under several MDs and PAs, a baccalaureate in health science, a master’s in biology, and a fistful of letters of recommendation from the practitioners for whom I have worked. I already have seven very strong letters of recommendation from two independent duty corpsmen, one physician’s assistant, and two medical doctors for whom I have worked extensively. Five years from now, I should be finished with both my baccalaureate and my

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