Perseverance Is Important To Me

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At a mere fifteen years of age, I am beginning to figure things out, in regards to what type of man I am and the one I want to become. As I have heard from my family, life can knock anyone down, no matter where you come from, but the key to success is to strive to get back up and keep on fighting life’s struggles. If I can live my life enduring those obstacles, then I know that I will become a man with perseverance, strength, and a man of no regrets. Life is like a videogame with levels, and each one is more difficult than the last. The only difference between life and a videogame, is that you cannot start over, and must try to make every moment last. Someone in my life, who has taught me about the importance of perseverance, is my grandfather …show more content…
I relate to my mother because we are driven, creative, and strong in our faith. I relate to my mom more than anyone in my family, because she teaches me how to live those virtues everyday. I hope that I can be as good as a teacher as she is. My mother is driven, because she is able to accomplish anything that she starts. She doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone, except for herself, and I admire that. She has determination in whatever she sets her mind to, and that is the main reason that she succeeds at most of the things she does. I am very much alike her, because I do not like to fail. For that very reason, I finish everything that I set my mind to do, and do anything to achieve my goals. I do this with my schoolwork, as well as in my athletics. We both have a voice in our head that makes us keep going, no matter how difficult the situation. Creativity is a trait that we both share, but in different ways. My mom is very creative, as she finds different and unique ways to make the family struggle less, and I find different ways to make my family smile. In a way, our creativity lies mostly in helping others. She taught me to always think of others before myself, because one day, those I helped might do something when I am in need. The family would not survive without her creative nature, and no one would be

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