The Importance Of Being A Leader Has Been A Fluid One For Me Essay

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Authentic Leadership The role of being a leader has been a fluid one for me; one that has taken many turns and many transitions through the years. People throughout my life have always told me that I was meant to be a leader. When asked why due to my own curious mind, they would always tell me that it was because I am charismatic and a great communicator. I have always excelled and moved up quickly in the workplace so getting to know my true, authentic self as a leader was very important. What I have found is that staying true to your morals and ethics was the most important part of authentic leadership. “No one can be authentic by trying to imitate someone else” (George, Sims, McLean, & Mayer, 2007). I have spent many years leading by example and staying true to myself. It is only with this way of thinking that I have been able to successfully lead others to not only do their jobs but do their jobs past the capacity in which they initially expected they could complete it. Being an authentic leader can bring about great benefits to most work environments. Many companies encourage and have incentives in place for leaders who are willing to put their most authentic face forward because they realize that the prize is the opportunity to allow employees to feel free to “be who and what they are” which in turn, will allow for them to be more productive, creative, and innovative which only serves organizations well (Wittenberg, 2015).
Personal Reflection on Authentic Leadership…

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