Being A Humanitarian Essay

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A humanitarian is an individual who takes part in altruistic acts as they promote human welfare. Helping those in need and ensuring that others gain opportunities is essential in the growth of the community and oneself. My first understanding of what it truly meant to be a humanitarian was in grade 6, when our teachers initiated a group called CORE to help raise awareness about First Nations. I was a part of a large team of students that helped others understand the issues within discrimination and donate supplies to First Nation schools in Canada. From this experience, I decided to aid the community through helping out in my local temple regularly and participating in community events.
During my grade 10 English Class, I learned about women
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During the spring of 2016, our family found out that my mother had thyroid cancer. One month after, she went through a surgery to remove the gland. Luckily, the cancerous cells did not reach the bloodstream and the gland was successfully removed. During our visit and my mother’s radioactive iodine treatments, I notice how helpful and kind nurses and doctors were to not only my mother but other patients. This was when I decided that I wanted to help others both mentally and physically the way doctors do. From that point on, my goal was to become a pediatrician, helping children in need from disease and improving their circumstances. I hope to touch the lives of many children and parents by helping individuals in need any way I can. This goal was confirmed in 2017, during semester one exams, when my father got into a workplace accident. In this accident, his right-hand got injured as the first joint of his index finger and just below his nail on his middle finger was cut off. After this occurred, I stayed by his side during appointments as moral support and I helped him treat his wounds afterward. This continued for weeks until his fingers finally healed. By treating my father’s wound every morning, my desire to become a doctor and help others heal was confirmed. Just the feeling of the joy that comes from seeing my father’s fingers healed due to my aid illustrates the difference I can make. Currently, to start the path to this goal, I volunteer at the Brampton Civic Hospital. Through aiding visitors and patients, I am able to brighten their days and overall reduce the stress that accumulates due to their

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