The Importance Of Being A Human Being

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You will never know how complicated it is to give an explanation of what it really means to be a human being until you come across an alien who has no idea at all what a human being even is. In fact, some call it a futile effort to try understanding human beings as a subject. Moreover, studying life itself is an arduous assignment, but when you compare this to studying the human being, you realize it is easier to study life generally without probing the specific elements of the lives of humankind. In this paper, I hope that will be able to explain myself to an alien from another planet. However, it has never met a creature of my kind before; yet, I have to make it clearly understand what (who) I really am. The following is my explanation: I am one of the living creatures on this earth belonging to a species known as “human beings.” The human creature has a lot to do with reason; human beings are conscious beings—we have feelings, emotions, and reactions. The difference between us and all the other living creatures on planet earth is that our mind is developed in a way that we can relate with each other through our ability of understanding all aspects of life, for instance: weather, health, culture, and religion, among …show more content…
We tend to have various cultures that define different groups. In as much as we use a certain language to communicate to each other, that language is not universal. For me to be able to communicate with some people on earth, the process requires that I study their language first; this I can do from school or I can simply learn it from the people who speak the same language through normal interactions. Human beings are defined by cultures, meaning we do things differently depending on one’s place of origin; for example, you will meet other people who wear different clothes from the ones I am wearing, or even people from another region who speak using a different language from the one with which I am

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