The Importance Of Being A Hero For A Child Essay examples

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War is something that is “made by age and fought by youth while age looked on and applauded and encored.” (Smith p.166) The idea of patriotism consumed people. “She would have sent ten sons to the war, as freely as she sent one daughter.”(Alcott p.12). This was the way parents felt about their children going off to war. The idea of being a hero or having a hero for a child was so overpowering that many did not take note to what the war really was like. Their own children were their contribution to the cause. They did not want to listen to your misfortune, they wanted heroes that would encourage the youth to keep fighting. They didn’t want to know that “during prolonged shelling, [he] often had to restrain [himself] and fight back a wild, inexorable urge to scream, to sob, and to cry.” (Sledge p.74). Smith talks about letters home “the only kind of letter home they expect, the only kind they want, the only kind they will have.” (Smith p.30). Anything else would receive the “reply on pale mauve deckle-edged paper calling you a silly hysterical little girl.” (Smith p.31). Sledge starts off “prompted by a deep feeling of uneasiness that the war might end before [he] could get overseas into combat.” (Sledge p.5). While Alcott’s main character Miss. Periwinkle decides her life purpose is to do her time in war. Both man and women felt this pressure and this obligation towards patriotism. There was this misconception about how those in war really felt about war. “Looking back, I…

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