A Career In Pediatrics: A Case Study

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When did you decide to be a health care individual? For the longest time, I have wanted to pursue the field of medicine and be able to heal those who cannot heal themselves. When I was in the fifth grade I had my first surgery to get my tonsils removed. Things quickly took a turn for the worse when I started to expel blood clots from my mouth. I was quickly rushed to the emergency room and underwent a second surgery, the same day, that resulted in my throat being cauterized. After I woke up from my second surgery, I had lost the ability to speak. I was scared, in pain, and helpless. However, in my team of doctors, I had one doctor that changed the entire experience for me. Doctor Kornfield bought me a dry erase board so I could finally get my thoughts out. He made all the fear and helplessness disappear by understanding that all I needed was to communicate. Throughout my life there has been multiple events in my life that have pushed me towards the field of medicine, but the events that occurred during the week I was hospitalized ultimately helped me determine the type of doctor I want to be in the future. 2. Which health care profession have you chosen and why? …show more content…
The concept of cancer has always fascinated me and it would me so much to me to be able to help those who are being affected by cancer cells. Specializing in pediatrics is somewhat of a new choice. As I think more about my future and the kind of doctor I want to be, I have realized that I truly want to help those who haven’t been given the chance to make mistakes, grow up, and see the world. Helping children with cancer will clearly be a difficult time, but I believe the amount of enthusiasm and drive I have to help those who cannot help themselves will allow me to become an outstanding doctor that cares for all. 3. What qualities do you possess which, in your opinion, qualify you for a health care

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