The Importance Of Being A Good Life

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This for example means that some people can tolerate some diets more than others. However, it’s of a bad notion how people think that our responses differ in direction. For example some think they need a vegetarian diet or even other sources of nutritional requirements while others will need a diet from meat. The most popular opinion puts it clear that “everyone is different” and that one need to “find the right diet for your body”. This whole idea is not true to me. This is because human beings are all equal because they share same species. We all share same digestive system since we are same animal. By this am trying to mean that since we are all equal, one can chose to concentrate on the other sources of nutrients requirements. For example …show more content…
So if there is no any animal that deserves to be killed while the other remains alive. Can u please ponder with me about this? “Can they think? can they talk? Can they reason? And more so can they suffer?” The fact that animals can experience a good life is indeed a morally relevant criterion that we should not inflict pain and suffering to animals. Have you asked yourself what makes it wrong for a person to harm another person? It’s not due to the fact that human can reason but due to the fact that human can experience pain. The black liberation theologists have put it clear the need to pick all humans as equal. By this am of the opinion that we should not be in a position to maximize pain and suffering on others but rather we should be in a position to minimize this kind of sufferings. These are however some of cultural beliefs that govern people towards achievement of this. Similarly, am thinking that what makes it wrong not to kill another human is because human value their lives and that they love existing and enjoying lives. From this position am of the opinion that this facts of being free from suffering and being in a position to exist are not different in things that share same species. All this advantages and interests should be shared by all animals since all animals are equal. The fact to me remains if my interest as an animal should be respected by not being killed then it’s my obligation then to not kill another animal for flesh. It’s wrong and more so not ethical to harm or kill animals all in the name of eating. Doing this can be avoided by sourcing or finding other means of diet that suits a person nutrients

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