The Importance Of Being A Good Leader Essay

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For a group to work like a whole they need a good leader. There are many techniques to being a good leader. To be a good leader you have good EB skills and be a responsible leader. I don’t like to be a leader. I am a follower, I am not a very social person when it comes to talking in front of groups. It makes me nervous and I am not comfortable talking around a lot of people. When I have to lead I like to be the only one talking and like to be heard. While I don’t like being the center of attention for I think it is rude to be talking while someone else is trying to do their part. This includes either talking or doing an activity. I feel as though everyone has their purpose in a group. I think it’s important to use everyone’s strengths to their advantage. However, it is important to know your weaknesses too and how to build on them.
My Myers-Briggs result was ISTJ. ISTJ stands for introvert,sensing, thinking and judging. My results for introvert was twelve percent, for sensing I got thirteen percent, for thinking I got seven percent and for judging I got four percent. ISTJ is usually are called inspectors, and are easily frustrated. They keep their feelings to themselves unless they are asked about their feelings. They usually uses step to step approaches to solve things. I think this is very accurate to how I act. I hold my feelings and emotions in and do not share unless asked. My personality type influences how I lead, because I can be very introverted I tend to…

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