The Importance Of Being A Good Communicator Essay

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After reading and researching articles that dealt with personalities in a marriage or long lasting relationships, the common denominator that was present in several papers consists of communication, compromise, and the ability and adaptability to change. Although there were other subtopics that are essential in creating a foundation in a relationship these are the three areas that I will focus on.

Being a good communicator is often being thought of as people who can articulate their feelings and beliefs to others through a logical manner only, however, another component of being a good communicator that I found interesting is being able to be a good listener. Maintaining good eye contact and picking up verbal and nonverbal cues is essential in establishing the mood or tone of you partner. This is necessary for the ability to respond to topics you may or may not agree with in a sensible tone and a body language that does not make your listener go to the offensive side. According to Aaron Karmin, “Strategies for being a good communicator include: taking ownership of your actions, ask questions, ask for clarification, agree with feelings not facts, set limits, and be precise with your own words.” (Tartakovsky 2013) Being efficient in the above strategies can help you open a dialogue with your partner and help the relationship sustain a healthy partnership.

Along with communication another tool in maintaining a positive relationship is the art of compromise. According…

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