The Importance Of Being A Doctor In Our Life

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Oh jeez, I can already predict what we are going to talk about. Sigh. It can only be out of a few main choices. It probably is about becoming a doctor in the future, it is his favourite topic. Every. Single. Time. Every single time he wants to drive me to school, “So you will be a doctor in the future right?” Ugh. It makes me feel sick sometimes. I’d imagine it be boring and stressful, just like school, and who the hell wants their entire life to be like school? Teachers must be insane. I know doctors make a crap ton of money, and it must be a good job to have, but there are just so many better things that I could choose. I just wish I had a bit more freedom. And that I wouldn’t have to listen to his constant yammering.
Why can’t it just
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And become a doctor and all that, because doctors have stable jobs and make lots of money. I understand.
Maybe they think that what they are doing is the best for me. Maybe it is the best for me. I suppose they have some idea what they’re doing. For all I know, it could be worse. There are children out there who don’t have a nice home and food to eat. There must also be kids with absolutely nothing at all. I should certainly be grateful for what I have I suppose.
I wonder what would happen if they ever found out the truth, all the things I’m hiding from them. Maybe they already know, maybe they just want to make sure that I don’t get tooo far off track. Or perhaps they would explode with anger and kick me out of the house, dooming me to be one of the unsupported and poor with nothing. Or maybe their hearts would explode from the sadness and grief caused by me lying to them.
Hopefully I don’t give them a heart attack or stroke. I guess the longer I keep secrets, the worse it will be when they come out. But maybe they will never come out. And I don’t want them to kick me out or die do I? Ignorance is bliss, and I have kept secrets for so long, it can’t hurt if I keep them for a little

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