Why Are Our Children Acting This Way?

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Angel Lyles-Grayer
Ms. Carpenter
English IV
24 October 2017

OMG! Why are my children acting this way? Wondering why it is so hard to control your children? Wondering where did you go wrong as a parent? Confused as to why your children are not obeying your rules or disrespecting you when all you have done was give them everything they have asked for and more? Have you ever thought that maybe instead of trying to be their friend you learn to discipline them first or teach them that it is not okay to act out? Image how easier and stress-free your life would have been had you discipline and mentored them first… Instead of trying to be their friend, they would learn self-control, structure and overall how to be a respectful individual whose prepared to live in the real world and not someone who is bratty and disobedient.
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In some cases, being their best friend can be fun because you get to hang out with your child, making endless memories and have that special bond and connection with them. Most important you get to stay “hip” and “up-to-date” on all the latest trends and gossip! Being there best friend can be beneficial to you because you do not feel the guiltiness of whooping and punishing your child. Everyone can agree that the most rewarding part of it all is that being their best friend means an increase in trust. You get to know all of their secrets and they feel comfortable coming to you to talk about any and everything. Besides who would not want to be known as the cool mom or dad, that everyone loves and adores and always wants to be

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