The Importance Of Becoming An Individual Person Essay

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My mother is a dietitian in a Children’s Hospital in Nepal, and as a child, I remember accompanying her to work at times. The chaos in the hospital and the sufferings of the patients intrigued me and I wanted to help them in any possible way. The idea of becoming an individual who could actually lend a hand to them forever fascinated me. The way doctors were respected and looked up to made a powerful impact on my naive mind and I hoped to be like them one day.
After my high school, I appeared in National Level Medical Entrance Examination and secured the third position overall and was granted a full scholarship by the government of Nepal for my MBBS. I was overjoyed, as I was a step closer to realizing my dreams.
When I started Medical School, everything amazed me, from dissecting cadavers to checking hemoglobin levels in Pathology lab. I always wondered about the complexities of the human body. It was in Medical School that I learned discipline, patience and the true value of teamwork. I became both sensitive and enduring to human sufferings.
It was in the third year of medical school that I honestly developed a liking for Internal Medicine. I loved going to the wards and interacting with patients. I felt I was good with them. I enjoyed examining patients during the clinics and diagnosing their problems. Internal Medicine was a vast subject with huge possibilities to learn from each day. I perceived that, through my involvement in the subject, I could reach and serve an…

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