A Career As A Surgeon

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Becoming a surgeon is not easy, but it is great knowing that you can save lives. Surgeons have changed over the years through the development of new technology. The new technology also helps with how much schooling you have to do. Though it takes away some of the work in medical school, you still have to go through a lot of education before becoming one. After becoming surgeons, you have the lives of people in your hands. You need to become very good at what you do. Surgery is perhaps the oldest of all medical specialties. “Evidence from Egypt, Greece, China, and India, suggests that humans have always performed and worked on developing surgical procedures” (“Surgeons” 538). If an arm ever got infected the surgeon 's back then, may …show more content…
The education is very long, stressful and very difficult. First of all, in high school you need to take as many science and math courses as you can as it will help you immensely in later education. English will help you to in preparing since there are large amounts of reporting and interacting with patients. You need to develop a strong study habit. In your undergraduate, you need to take extensive scientific training before medical school. When you start looking into schools, they will consider your personality, leadership and participation in extracurricular activities when choosing applicants. Most medical schools, if not all require a bachelor 's degree. You need to be interviewed by members of the admissions committee. During medical school, you go into a residency in a hospital, but before that you need to submit transcripts, and scores from the medical college admissions test and letter of recommendation. Once you get all of that out of the way, then you begin your residency. Most schools put students in a residency program of the specialty of their choice. In residency, medical students work with patients under supervision of experienced physicians in hospitals and clinics. When becoming a surgeon you must complete a five-year residency in surgery. After residency, you will spend “the last two years of medical school in laboratories and classrooms taking courses such as anatomy, biochemistry, pharmacology, …show more content…
The surgical career sees cases such as gunshot, stab wounds, and accident victims. If a patient needs surgery the on duty surgeon will schedule the surgery cases like a kidney stone, or an inflamed appendix if diagnosed early, but in other emergency cases the surgery would happen right away. A typical day would begin with early morning rounds, looking over surgical cases. Some surgeons specialize in certain surgeries such as a foot doctor or trauma surgeon. Specialty surgery is at a crossroads because most residents don’t want to take the additional specialty training. As a surgeon, you especially need to be precise in surgery, because you may have someone’s life at stake. Surgeons also have a lot of paperwork as they need to take a patient 's medical history. They need to review test results to identify any abnormalities. Most surgeons have access to multidisciplinary medical knowledge that has been freely available. It is easier in the 21st century to access these files and send them to other places. When looking at these files, you the surgeon need to realize that those are not yours and if you happen to share these without proper authority you could be sued and will lose your job and license. Surgeons might have to stay up for long periods of time, so they need to function with minimal sleep. Surgeon’s work in

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