The Importance Of Beauty In Today's Society

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Today’s society revolves around the idea of perfection even though perfection is unreachable. The standards for beauty have gone above and beyond over the years as societies advance further with technology. The way we feel, think, perceive and act, regarding our bodies, is currently based on how society feels and thinks. Girls feel they are pressured to be perfect due to social media, photoshopping, magazines and toys designed for girls. First, girls feel that they are being pressured to be perfect due to social media. Many girls and women who often scroll through their social media, such as Instagram, wish they could become of this ideal beauty that is perceived to be perfect to the human eye. The girls comment about how they wish they could …show more content…
Media and advertising companies frequently use idealized images of femininity to increase desire for ideal beauty, which makes the readers often feel unhappy with their looks, results in body dissatisfaction. Yonca Aybay and Nurten Kara, researchers at Eastern Mediterranean University, discovered that women and girls who purchase a magazines are often affected by communicating messages about ideal beauty. In their studies it was suggested that the beauty standard set for women is characterized as being thin, blue-eyed, blond and having an upturned nose. The researchers suggest that it will cause a cultivation effect in women. This shows that more girls are more vulnerable and pressured into being the ideal beauty because of photoshopping and magazines. Studies have shown that girls become major consumers of cosmetic products in an attempt to reach the unrealistic ideal beauty standard. In a study conducted by Martin, Peter’s, Opree, Buijzen, Van Reijmersdal, and Valkenburg, found that adolescent girls place higher importance on appearance than adult women do, and that popular media promotes the use of consumer products for achieving the ideal body shape. This proves that stores are forcing these thoughts into our minds without even thinking about what it actually does to women and

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