The Importance Of Bearing A Gun

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The United States has changed a great amount since 1789. The civil war came and went, the US spread from the Atlantic to the Pacific, women have been granted the right to vote, two world wars have been fought, and the age of technology has arrived. People have instant access to smart phones that connect them to the world, but they also have instant access to firearms. It is as easy to buy a firearm, as it is to buy the latest smartphone. It may even be easier because when buying a firearm there is no binding contract that a phone carrier will make you pay. And now it is time for the second amendment to be revised in order to eliminate the right to carry a concealed weapon, so that we continue to have heroic stories that are not affiliated with …show more content…
Although some may argue that guns are to be carried in order to keep oneself and others safe there is really no reason for this. The people who are expected to keep the American people safe is police officers and they are the people that are actually physical fit to shoot a gun. To carry a gun “you can be legally blind, or completely lack all muscle coordination, but candidates for the police academy are required to pass a battery of physical test before they are allowed to carry a gun” (Weisser). These are the only citizens that should be allowed to carry a gun in public places, because they have been deemed physically fit to use a firearm in the safest way possible without further damage then what must be done. In the recent school shooting in Oregon “national reports have quoted students saying they were armed during the shooting spree but didn’t try to intervene because they were afraid of being mistaken for the gunman and shot by the police responding to the emergency” (Lefler). If people are not even going to use their guns for their intended purpose—to keep themselves and the people around them safe—what is the point of allowing citizens to carry guns on campus? They will not be the hero that rises from the tragedy, instead the person carrying the gun will cause more confusion and chaos. The guns that people are carrying are only adding greater risk to situations rather then helping out. Carrying a gun will not help communities stay safer, in fact, it may make places less safe then they have ever

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