The Importance Of Balancing Your Total Health Essay examples

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Balancing Your Total Health

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving" (“11 Facts About Healthy Living”). Albert Einstein, arguably one of the smartest men to ever live, stated and lived his life by this quote. The college years are quite possibly one of the hardest times to navigate and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The “freshman” fifteen is a well-known and documented phenomena. Unless the student mastered the art of time management during the high school years, balance is often lost and health diminishes during the years of university life. Although challenging, there are techniques and suggestions that can make even these most stressful years of life exceedingly invigorating and enjoyable. Through both research and personal experience, I have found that a healthy college lifestyle is the product of balancing between work and pleasure, consuming a healthy diet, and diversifying physical and mental skills through extracurricular activities and hobbies.
First, a healthy balance of work and pleasure can be the key to student success and enjoyment of college. Too much of either work or pleasure can lead to devastating consequences. The drop out rate from burn out, failure, or unemployment is higher in those students where life balance is absent (“11 Facts About Healthy Living”). Stress levels are higher in when a person is a life imbalance. Becoming a master of organizational skills one key to this balance. According to…

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