Bad Decisions In Macbeth

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When a fire starts there can be several opportunities to put that fire out in order to stop it from getting out of control. The same principal applies in life. There are many opportunities to reverse bad decision when they are small and under control, but if they are not reversed in time the impact of the decision could have serious consequences later on. Thus who ever does not control the impact of thier bad decisions will be responsible for their own inevitable demise. In Macbeth by William Shakespeare the decisions made by the character Macbeth, were instrumental to his downfall and eventually his death. His poor decisions include; following through with Lady Macbeth’s plan to kill King Duncan, not listening to Lady Macbeth while he was …show more content…
Yet he chooses to believe the witches predictions, which gives Macbeth a false confidence in himself which then in turn leads to his ultimate end. After seeing the witches Macbeth is told to beware Macduff. In turn he cannot order Macduff be killed because he is in England. So he orders the killing of all in Macduff’s castle including his wife and children. “The castle of Macduff I will surprise; Seize upon Fife; give to the edge o’ the sword”(IV,i,165-166) when Macduff hears the news he would retaliate with an enormous army. Had Macbeth not visited the witches he would have not ordered the killing of Macduff’s castle, which may have stopped Macduff from acting so harshly in retaliation and may have stopped the invasion. Another of the witches’ predictions was that Dunsinane (Macbeth’s castle) would never be conquered unless the woods moved. “Our castle’s strength Will laugh a siege to scorn: here let them lie”(V,v,3-4). If Macbeth had not seen the witches he would have prepared his castle for a siege, which may have delayed the invasion of his castle from Malcolm’s army. This extra time may have given time for Macbeth to either flee or through a miraculous battle, saved him. The final event that led to Macbeth’s death was over trust in the witches’ prediction that Macbeth would be invincible to anyone who was born by a woman. While fighting Macduff he claims “Let fall thy blade on vulnerable crests; I bear a charmed life, which must not yield To one of woman born.” (V,viii,14-16). If Macbeth had not be given false confidence g by the witches’ prediction of immunity, he could have taken the opportunity to slay Macduff, and possibly escape. However because Macbeth believed the witches predictions he gave up his final opportunity to escape and kill Macduff in order to seem more honorable. Therefore because Macbeth believed the witches predictions he murdered all in Macduff’s

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