The Importance Of Baby Bonds

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“Baby bonds” were proposed mostly for families of color in order to equal the playing fields with white families. These bonds would be allotted based by wealth, where the child could take out up to 60,000 dollars after they turned 18 for educational purposes, to buy a house, or for retirement. In order to get others on board with these big changes, transformation of social norms must be instilled, along with a change in policies. This would only decrease the advantages whites receive from the feedback loop, distribute these advantages to those of color, and create a parallel loop. One way to do this would be by increasing taxes for the rich so that this money can go towards helping the poorer, underprivileged groups. Those who would be targeted …show more content…
They would also not agree to it because upper class folks tend to buy into the idea of meritocracy and “overcoming stories” and consider government assistance as “freebies.” This group of privileged individuals often tends to be the most greedy, and unwilling to help the poor move up on the ladder. Whites are also sensitive to talk about racial equality and refer to this as the “race card” and would not deem it necessary to assist those of color in moving up in the world because they are often colorblind to their social differences. The ways in which this plan would be proposed would ultimately be difficult to get whites on board because it is aimed at the lower class, which is generally those of color. These are two groups that wealthy whites are often unwilling to assist and tend to blame their misfortunes on internal reasons. This is also because they take for granted their feedback loops that grants them many of their privileges, such as their social relationships, that makes it easy ability to get a job, as well as their ease when applying for schools or when buying a house. They see everyone as having these same privileges, because they simply, do not see them as privileges, but merely as the way things are for

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