The Importance Of B Corps

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B Corps is a certified benefit corporation which has been officially certified by the nonprofit B Lab as having met rigorous standards of environmental and social performance, accountability, and transparency. Unlike less comprehensive business certifications, B Corp certifications involve meeting holistic standards for all aspects of a company, from its environmental and social impact, to its corporate governance and community involvement. B Corp certification is designed to help consumers identify those companies that are not just conscious in their words, but conscious in their deeds (Dunbar 2015a).
The non-profit organization, B Lab, supporting the B Corp movement vision is to serve a community of leader using business to create more
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The first principle is B Corp stands for something, not against something. B Lab’s purpose is not to actively condone non B Corp certified businesses. Rather, B Labs intent is to celebrate those businesses doing amazing things and helping them serve as a model for others. Secondly, B Lab leaders stand for business and believe it is the most powerful man-made force on the planet and we are just know realizing its potential to solve our most challenging problems (Dunbar 2015a).
I believe B Corp or a similar movement does represent a new phase of capitalism. The movement is driven by the lack of transparency in business of the past, the consumers increasing access to information regarding how products are produced, and the consumers increasing interest in supporting conscious companies. I have experienced a similar movement to B Corp first-hand through my family’s dairy. Our business model is built on community and advocating holistic agriculture. Our customers support us religiously; much like Gilbert described in the article “What are B Corps?” As a result, our dairy is sustainable and growing at a time when nearly all other dairies are bankrupt and going out of business. I also see the significance of these movements through our customers such as Whole Foods. Thus, I am a firm believer in B Corp type movements and expect them have greater influence on business in the future.
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Advocates of crowdfunding say it helps get capital into the hands of cash-strapped entrepreneurs and fills a funding gap for promising local ventures not being served by conventional funders like banks and venture capital. Crowdfunding could unlock new sources of capital for job-creating entrepreneurs, boost the economy, and give Wall Street-wary investors a profitable alternative (Cortese 2015).
I believe crowdfunding does have the potential to be disruptive, but I would like to see the disruption playout. My impression of crowdfunding is that it is an organic process giving the average person investment opportunities they may not otherwise have. The idea excites me because I do not trust Wall-street investment groups and I would like to have more investment options.
I recall members of my grandfather’s generation describing investment opportunities like crowdfunding. One such example is the earliest investment opportunities in Cracker Barrel. I knew some of the earliest shareholders and they described early investment opportunities in Cracker Barrel as being organic, much like

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