The Importance Of Authority

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Register to read the introduction… There is only one true God and he came in the flesh to pay for our sins in which we could not pay. God created everything and he even knew you would ask the questions you have today while jogging in the park. God sparked a question deep within your heart to seek him out; since we are a social people we seek Laws and obedience. The word of God is just that the very breath of God written for us to see hear and understand His will for our lives. See the Word says thy word is true. And the only way I can believe the Word of God as absolute Authority is to believe in the redemptive work of Christ. Jesus taught that we can do nothing of ourselves, which stands for today. God’s word will never fade away; however everything we care about on this planet will burn and be no more. See when I gave my life to Christ I am not my own any more, yes we are born unto sin, which means our spiritual man is dead, however once we repent our flesh is dead to sin and our Spiritual man is alive. To say that God does not exist as you see with your very own eyes the revelation of His creation, is from the blindness of sin. There is a way out and for your eyes to be opened, and God’s word revealed to you. It is not by chance you sit here today, nor was it your mother and father that planned on your birth. God had already spoken the date and time even the year your where born. His plan is exact and full of …show more content…
I Thank Him daily for dying on the Cross for the World and me. When I do go against authority it is not just men that I fight against but my Father first in heaven, which removes the inspiration I have for the Lord because I have separated myself from Him, though He is still here encouraging me to repent. I try to live as the new creature yet there are days I find myself just as Paul, doing the things I do not want to do those things I do, yet it is not me but the sin that still lives in the flesh, meaning I chose to turn and do those things. I pray that the people that come before me see HIM more than of me.

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