The Importance Of Authoritative Teaching

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My first (ah ha) learning moment was when I learned that in order to be the kind of teacher I wish to be, I must be an authoritative classroom manager. This was during the ‘Knowing Your Students’ lecture in week 4 – The Professional Self – Classroom Management Styles. Therefore, I wish to learn more about how to be an effective authoritative teacher.
Authoritative teaching is a classroom management style where teachers have a high level of involvement while maintaining a high level of control in the classroom. The authoritative style allows teachers to modify their teaching and provide individual support so that students across the full range of abilities needs can be met (AISTL, 2011, Standard 1.5). The teacher must scaffold their student,
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L., Foulger, T. S., & Ewbank, A. D. 2008). Teachers must consider their own profiles and consider the question, ‘If I were a parent, would I want my child to be taught by this person?’ The ethical use of social media relates to how teachers interact with their students and the wider community (AISTL, 2011, Standard 7). As a graduate, teachers should apply and comprehend the Code of Ethics. By monitoring ones online presence, they are adhering to this Code of Ethics. (AISTL, 2011, Standard 7.1).
While there are no set laws regarding the social interaction of teachers and students, The Code of Ethics (2011) establishes that teachers should avoid inviting students to their social networks as it may compromise their professional relationship with students. Therefore, teachers must ensure that they do not have students on their profiles, that their social media remains private and all media that is pubic is appropriate.
This learning has made me assess my current social media presence. As I will be both a high school and primary teacher once I have completed this degree, I must be able to maintain the utmost professionalism for a variety of age groups. I will ensure that my online presence only reflects a positive, appropriate and professional
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C. F., & Shek, D. T. L. 2012). If a seating plan is well-planned, it organises students with a tendency of veering off task with pupils that are able to stay on task easily. Evidence suggests that students will find it much easier to be able to stay on task if they are not distracted by the students seated around them. Students who are placed poorly will suffer a decreased level of attention and this will effect their learning experience and possibly disrupt the class (Wannarka, R., & Ruhl, K.

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