The Importance Of Attitudes In Brooklyn College

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Register to read the introduction… Thus, you may have a negative attitude towards smoking and a positive attitude towards Brooklyn College. Attitudes have three components: the cognitive deals with beliefs and knowledge; the affective deals with emotion, i.e., likes and dislikes; and the conative, which is more behavioral, deals with actions, motives, and intent. The teacher evaluation scale completed by students every semester measures your attitude towards a particular instructor (it is an attitude scale). It includes items dealing with the professor’s knowledge of the subject matter, whether s/he is fair, and whether you would recommend him or her. Attitudes are organized and have consistency. Consumers have beliefs about products and services. For instance, you might believe that Ivory Soap is very mild. Brand Beliefs are perceptions or of how a brand or product performs on various attributes. You have beliefs regarding how your professor performs on attributes such as teaching ability, fairness of grading, friendliness, general intelligence, expertise in subject, …show more content…
If a number of people turn to the same individual for advice, s/he may be an opinion leader. Opinion leaders have social influence over others and can influence them by suggesting what clothing to buy, which movies to see, what kind of car to purchase, etc. Some movies are "platformed" i.e., start in a few theaters to give the film a chance to build up appeal through word of mouth. The strength of Word of mouth has been enhanced by the Internet. Buzz is a term used to describe popularity and excitement that results from consumer word of …show more content…
69-131) wrote a fascinating article about ordinary people who volunteer to serve as agents and talk to friends about various products. The job of these people is to spread word of mouth. Walker notes that companies are finding it difficult to reach consumers. The days where 90% of Americans would be watching television on three networks (ABC, NBC, and CBS) is long over. Thus, according to Walker, "a growing number of marketers organize veritable armies of hired 'trendsetters' or 'influencers' or 'street teams' to execute 'seeding programs,' 'viral marketing,' 'guerrilla marketing.' BzzAgent has about 60,000 volunteers in its network. Tremor, another company, has 240,00 teenagers who volunteer to spread word of mouth about a variety of products. People volunteer to be BzzAgents not for the prizes, but because they enjoy telling people what to buy, i.e., they enjoy being opinion leaders. It also gives them a chance to try new products and also makes them feel important. Many are only willing to talk about products they truly like and will not promote products they dislike. Indeed, BzzAgents are not required to push products they do not care for. BzzAgents feel that they are providing an "honest opinion" about a product since they are not really paid for this.
These companies try to choose individuals who are the most likely to be the trend spreaders and early adopters. These

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