College Is Important

Having a high school diploma does not mean for me to stop here. Why wouldn’t I want to further my education and become whatever I desire? A statement that’s been stated forever is, “College is not for everybody”, which is known to be true; however, it is highly important for me to attend college. My grandmother’s death inspired me because I took care of her at a young age and enjoyed every moment of it. Even though taking care of my grandmother inspired me but, my mother’s health issues has taken a tremendous toll on me as well. In today’s society, young ladies are making several mistakes, but the one excuse that some young ladies uses not to further their education is raising a child. Being in college is an obstacle course, but if I …show more content…
Fibromyalgia is a disorder that causes aches and pain throughout the body. Battling with fibromyalgia makes life difficult for my mother because she’s always in pain, have a forgetful memory, and suffers with depression. Hashimoto’s disease is an autoimmune disease that tends to attack its own body tissues that mainly targets the thyroid gland. Hashimoto sometimes causes my mother to have unselected rage that makes it difficult for her to swallowing or feel as if a piece of glass is stuck in her throat. It saddens me to witness my mother going through this much and I’m not able to help with her condition at the moment, especially proceed in and out of different doctors’ offices for her to receive news from the doctors that they don’t know what is cause her problems. Observing my mother being depressed and try to hide it from me, motivates me to finish school. I know if I get the proper training and shadowing the accurate people will help me become an extraordinary nurse anesthetist. That way I know that not only mother is taking the proper medications, but my patients in the future as

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