The Importance Of Attending A Friend 's Catholic Wedding Essay

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For my other religious experience I had the privilege of attending a friend’s Catholic wedding. The church was everything I expected it to be with tall beautiful stained glass windows and sturdy wooden pews. Even though the church was in the middle of downtown Nashville, I felt as though I was in some peaceful little town in the middle of nowhere. The whole experience was more of a shock than I was expecting; I knew that mass would be different than attending my normal church, but I honestly had no idea how different it truly would be.
When we walked into the church, it was hard not to notice the giant white candle lit in the middle of the aisle way; my family nor I had any idea as to why it was there. The priest and deacon brushed on it lightly since most of the people attending the wedding were Catholic, but I decided to do some research afterward. I found that the big candle is actually the Paschal candle which is lit on Holy Saturday and stays lit for forty days thereafter; it is also normally lit during funerals and baptisms (Knight). Its purpose is to signify the time between Jesus’ resurrection and His ascent into heaven. Having known this now, I am able to appreciate as to why it appeared to just be a big candle in everybody’s way. Another thing that was different for me was the constant standing and sitting. Throughout the hour ceremony, my family and I stood and sat more times than I can count. Sometimes we would stand during songs and sometimes we would sit.…

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