Slandering In American Politics

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Attacks, rumors, and gossip have been one of the leading tactics to highlight politician fallacies. To win the hearts of the Americans, they have to use negative tactics to make Americans believe their side or vote on their particular issue. Harassing a politician has been the easiest way to make the opposing side look its best. American politics have attacked people to show to the world how flawed a person is and as a result that person has flawed thinking/ideals. Attacks in politics are the easiest way to make certain people look professional, while making the other person look inferior. “The audience listened in disbelief as the President repeated his error at least a dozen times, before realizing that he had used the word ‘feces” when he meant to say “fetus””. (Bush/Obama Rumors and Stories) People speak on false rumors/attacks to show potentially how the United States voted for a president who is not educated. The anonymous resource wants the public to know that they made the wrong decision choosing an unintelligent president. The anonymous resource wants people to see that having an unintelligent president is awful for our country and they can continue to hurt our country till they are terminated/step down/finished with their …show more content…
American politics of slandering has now become a reality TV show that has strayed away from the real issues. The route of slandering in American politics has now become a game of whose reputation can we ruin. Slandering has to stop tackling the person and aim for the issues because the issues are what really hurt people. If slandering focuses its attention on the issues instead of the person, then American politics could possibly find more positive outcomes in its system. American politics votes on person because of their issues, and their issues are what can help society. Society has used slandering in its wrong context, and needs to revise on what they

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