Essay: Immigrants Should Practice Their Cultural Heritage And Heritage

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Immigrants should practice their cultural backgrounds and heritage because America is a melting pot, immigrants have much to offer, and America is all about being unique. Many of our citizens tend to believe that if someone migrates to America, then that person needs to be a carbon copy of the people in this country and do everything we do, have the same interests, or have the same religion. But what makes America so great is the freedom we are given to make our own choices, such as choosing a religion, making opinions, and having distinct and personal interests.
The Harlem Renaissance was a time when black pride was highest and creativity arose in the their community (Beckman). That minority group was able to express themselves through their art, music, and literature once they were free. Reed, the former Professor of Black Studies at the University of Chicago, says that “True creativity is what flowed during freedom” (Turner). That supports the idea that freedom expands the limits for people in society. Migration was a huge part in
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Trevor Wagener, a junior in the Conservative Party, gave a speech in the affirmative. “Those who take pride in their American heritage, however, see a threat both to the American political stability and enlightened American ideals from unassimilated immigrants.” (Union). Assimilating is hard work, so it can not be expected at the snap of someone’s fingers. Immigrants have come to a new land, and have left many memories back in their homeland. Celebrating their cultural backgrounds is a big example. They have have grown up with personal habits, and those are hard to forget. To support that idea, multiculturalists argue that immigrants have their own cultures and cannot be demanded or expected to completely change how they live or their attitudes about the world surrounding them just because their address has changed

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