The Importance Of Assimilation And Amalgamation Of The Us Essay

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What is the importance of assimilation and amalgamation in the US?
The objective basis for assimilation is the immigrants’ integration into the political economy and social structures of their adopted country. Filipinos were required to participate in the American social-economic system to survive in a new economy. The second process deals with “social reproduction” of the Filipino national minority in Hawaii. In 1978, the U.S assimilation was polarized along racial lines on the assimilation of “non-white” immigrants. The United States called ”non-white” immigrants in Hawaii since of there were many ethnicity, which eventually presents as an “imperfect” assimilation into the nationality (Alegado, 1991).
Today in America we are a diverse country with multiple race becoming one big community. We learn how to adapt each type of culture into our own life. For example, in Hilo we have many diverse restaurants of each ethnic that has moved here. For instance, when we have parties, we blend the Hawaiian culture into our Filipino culture. By doing so, we blend Hawaiian and Filipino food together or other different cultural that surrounds Hawaii.
Pre-World War II The Hawaii Sugar Planter’s Association along with five other companies; such as, Alexander & Baldwin, Amfac, Theo H. Davies, C Brewer and Castle & Cooke assigned Filipinos to work. In 1906 to 1935, the HSPA labor agents recruited about 120,000 Filipinos’ to work at the planation (Alegado, 1991). In 1934, U.S. congress…

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