The Importance Of Assessment For Teaching And Learning Process

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During my teaching career, assessment has played a critical role in ensuring that my students’ learning needs are being addressed. In particular, assessment for learning has provide me with on-going information as to how my students are understanding new concepts.

When I first started teaching, the importance of assessment as a part of the teaching and learning process was not considered a priority. However, when I was introduced to formative assessment through the WNCP document (2010), I realized how essential it was to continually monitor student learning using various techniques.

It was then that I also received my own personal exposure to formative assessment while working as a curriculum developer with Inuit Elders. I was bestowed with the honour of leading a cultural activity and as I worked at building the traditional stone-moss fire pit, whenever I looked at the Elders, they would give me a slight smile as a form of affirmative encouragement. And when I did something wrong, they never made a big fuss but would just point. It was then I also realized mistakes made by students should be equally noted with minimal negative attention.

Since that experience, I have always been sure to make sure a positive and meaningful on-going feedback component is part of my lesson planning. When I have my mathematics students participate in an outdoors team trigonometric measurement competition, they all are required to provide feedback by responding to the questions:…

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