The Importance Of Assertiveness

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This health assessment belongs to 87 years old Mrs. Rosetta Bernardi, who has admitted to the hospital twice over last three month period. She is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). However, her reason for visiting the hospital is the fractured left neck of femur and infection from methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in her leg wound. However, this report contains some vital information about her with the aid of some open ended and closed ended questions. Moreover, this assessment will state about the environment she finds difficult while communicating with people, and also there are some approaches to minimize the barriers. Adding further, there is a list of some assertive approaches …show more content…
It is the ability to deliver own opinion and knowledge in a clear, concise and non-aggressive way (Yurtsal & Özdemir, 2015). Assertiveness is very important to keep patient`s confidence and trust in healthcare workers. Assertiveness could be a tool used by nurses to strengthen the relationship with patients. In the case of Mrs. Bernardi, the two nurses should not talk aggressively regarding care plan in front of her. Eventually, it will make a bad impression on Mrs. Bernardi and her family and they would not trust on the care that is processing by nurses. They would ask more question and would not confident about the care plan. However, in spite of talking aggressively, nurses should be assertive to change care plan for Mrs. Bernardi. However, it is very helpful to being assertive in the workplace. Firstly, To being assertive, nurses should ask Mrs. Bernardi and her family`s opinion about changes they want in the current care plan. So, nurses should clarify everything to Mrs. Bernardi and her relatives regards to care plan, and should welcome their opinions (O 'Toole, 2012). Then Nurses should take their opinion into consideration and then they need to work on the modified care plan. Adding further, according to DeVito (2009), nurses should use normal tone and speed of their voice while discussing something important about the patient. They should be very careful …show more content…
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