The Importance Of Antibiotics

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People are not aware of the problems that are likely to cause an end to life as known. Antibiotic resistance is a life-threatening problem most choose to ignore. “Each year in the United States, at least two million people become infected with bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics,” says Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2016). Doctors are prescribing antibiotics when they should not be used, or should use a weaker dose of that antibiotic. Before too long, the bacteria are going to be unstoppable and cause permanent damage to its host. Earaches treated with antibiotics, which the bacteria have become immune to, will cause people to lose their hearing. When not treated fittingly, or being unable to treat an ear infection properly …show more content…
According to Ron Dagan (2016), acute otitis media (middle ear infection) are most common in kids three months old to three years old. In “Clinical Bacteriology of Recurrent Otitis Media with Effusion,” it states, “Antibiotic resistance has increased due to indiscriminate overuse and misuse of antibiotics.” The overuse of an antibiotic and/or using the wrong antibiotic to treat the sickness has made bacteria more resistant to the antibiotics (Dagan, 2016). Summarizing his experiment, out of the nine hundred samples they took, the experimental group showed the bacteria was defeated by penicillin and the erythromycin, but the other antibiotics did not touch the bacteria. The experiment showed people that only two antibiotics were fighting off the bacteria, the two of which are over used. Over time, these antibiotics will no longer work. If the bacteria continue to grow bigger and better, the antibiotics for ear infections are not going to cure, which leads to hearing loss, even to the extent of going deaf. Pharmacist Brittany Raines BS, PharmD, RPh was interviewed about antibiotic resistance. In the interview, she was asked, “When antibiotics are given to someone very frequently, is it true that your body doesn’t take them/bacteria is stronger or immune?” Her response was, “Your body doesn’t build up a resistance to it. It is the bacteria that builds the resistance. What happens is, you don’t get …show more content…
In an interview, pharmacist Justin Dixon was asked; “do you think there is an issue with antibiotic resistance? Why?” He responded,
I personally do. We have seen over the last fifty years, the constant change in therapy due to antibiotic resistance, as well as the development of “super bugs” such as MRSA and VRE. We have also seen in the past year the first case of pan resistant strains of bacteria. This is very worrisome trend as microorganisms are evolving to become resistant at a more rapid pace than we are developing new therapies and protocols to counter resistant bacteria. (Dixon

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