Bullying Should Be Allowed In Schools

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Schools are now trying to enforce anti-bullying efforts into a everyday lesson. Anti-bullying is defined as “unwanted negative behaviour, verbal, psychological or physical conducted by an individual or group against another person (or persons) and which is repeated over time” (Department of Education and Skills).Others may feel as though bullying prevention is a good thing, because it prepare student to take the necessary steps if they were ever in that situation. Anti-bullying not only helps student; but it also helps faculty and staff with knowing what to do if they were ever presented with a case of bullying. With the lack of knowledge of bullying in the school system and how common these cases may be in everyday life; don 't you think we …show more content…
Bullying has a lot of different side effects; it can cause sleep deprivation, insecurities, depression, and a lot more. These side effects cause lead to much more harmful things like drug abuse, suicidal thoughts, and even suicide. By putting a stop to bullying it helps victims or potential victims become more social. With bullying being such a common thing in school it makes student become anti-social or some students cover it up by being shy. They are shy because it allows them to keep their emotions bottled up. Bullies gravitate towards anti-social people, because they know that if they were to do anything to another student, that student won 't say anything about the situation. Students are also impressionable; we all know that student are easily influenced, which is why putting a stop to it will help with the anti-bullying efforts. Students also create bonds with teachers and faculty. They are able to come to them in their time of need and the students are able to discuss their with them. The bonds that are created can help with the bullier and the bullying. The person whom is doing the bullying have an unknown underlying problem and they may not have any help at home to guy them with these problem with which may be the cause of their sudden bullying rant. Teachers or whomever they decided to put their trust into can help them deal with their internal problems and …show more content…
Everyone knows that we have been or still are vulnerable at some point in our lifetime. Throughout history students have always been vulnerable but now others are trying to do something about it. Bullying is something that has been going on since the beginning of time, but because student felt as though it was unnessary to share it wasnt such a popular thing. Now students of this generation are speaking up about their experience and people are realizing the bullies don 't discriminate against anyone. Even celebrity get bullied on stage , through social media, and in rare cases to their face. Trying to lower the high rates of bullying at schools help children at an early age understand how to prevent these things from happening, so that when they become older it won 't come across as such a shell shock. By lowering the high rate of bullying in the school system it can change the way bullies view themselves. Students in school do what they think is considered popular. Anti-bullying efforts make them realize that bullying is not “cool or “popular”, this will make them not want to do it

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